Night of Champion Result (Hasil Night of Champion)


From the Land of Michigan, WWE held the 6th annual of Night of Champion, night when every title is on the line and should be retained from each of every challengers.
Dari negara bagian Michigan, WWE menggelar Night of Champion yang ke enam. Malam dimana semua gelar juara dipertaruhkan dan dipertahankan dari setiap penantang.

Kickoff Show: Tag Team Turmoil for No. 1 Contender WWE Tag Team Championship

Kick off show: Tag Team Turmoil untuk penantang pertama WWE Tag Team Champion

Tons of Funk defeated 3MB, The Real Americans defeated Tons of Funk, The Real Americans defeated The Usos, Prime Time Player defeated The Real Americans

Intercontinental Championship: Curtis Axel retained His titles from Kofi Kingston

Intercontinental Championship: Curtis Axel mempertahankan gelarnya dari Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston pushed Axel to his limit, but he still need to confess his lost to Axel that night
Kofi Kingston memaksa Axel hingga detik terakhir, tapi dia harus tetap mengakui kekalahannya

Divas Championship: AJ Lee defeated Naomi, Natalya and Brie Bella in a Fatal 4 Ways Match

Divas Championship: AJ Lee mengalahkan Naomi, Natalya dan Brie Bella di pertandingan 4 orang

Even Natalya dominated the whole match, AJ success locked her out and force Natalya to tap out.
Meskipun Natalya mendominasi pertandingan, AJ tetap berhasil memaksa Natalya menyerah untuk Tap Out.

World Heavyweight Championship: Rob Van Dam won by disqualification, but Alberto Del Rio still the World Heavyweight Champion.

World Heavyweight Champion: Rob Van Dam menang lewat disqualifikasi, tetapi Alberto Del Rio tetap menjadi sang juara.

Alberto Del Rio made a desperate moves by doing cross arm breaker even tough Rob Van Dam can touch the bottom rope, and it give a disqualification victory for Van Dam
Del Rio yg putus asa melakukan cross arm breaker dan meneruskannya walaupun Rob Van dam bisa menyentuh bottom rope sehinggan memberikan kemenangan disqualifikasi untuk nya.

Non-Title Match: The Miz defeat Fandango via submission

Non Title Match: The Miz mengalahkan Fandango lewat submission

The rivalry which made since Summerslam when The Miz became the host and got twice distruction from Fandango had been done by the victory of the Miz.
Perselisihan yang tertanam sejak Summerslam antara The Miz dan Fandango selesai sudah dengan kemenangan The Miz.

Non-Title Match: Paul Heyman & Curtis Axel pinned CM Punk

Non-title match: Paul Heyman dan Curtis Axel mengalahkan CM Punk

CM Punk eliminate Axel by doing Go to sleep and locked him out with Anaconda Lock, but Ryback come and save Heyman, he also let Heyman pin CM Punk.
CM Punk berhasil mengeliminasi Axel dengan gerakan GTS dan menguncinya dengan Anaconda Lock, namun Ryback datang dan menyelamatkan Heyman sehingga akhirnya Heyman memperoleh kemenangan malam itu.

United States Championship: Dean Ambrose retained the title from Dolph Ziggler

United States Championship: Dean Ambrose berhasil mempertahankan gelarnya atas Dolph Ziggler

The leader of The Shield Dean Ambrose succeeded retain his title from one of the charismatic superstar Dolph Ziggler.
Pemimpin the Shield Dean Ambrose berhasil mempertahankan gelarnya dari sang penantang Dolph Ziggler.

Tag-Team Championship: Seth Rollins and Rowan Reign defeat The Prime Time Player. 

Tag Team Championship: Seth Rollins dan Rowan Reign mengalahkan Prime Time Player

The marathon held when Prime Time Player wrestle for the second time that night, unfortunately they could not make it.
Marathon bergulat ditunjukan oleh Prime Time Player malam itu, namun sayang mereka tidak berhasil menang.

WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan defeated Randy Orton and become the new WWE Champion.

WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan mengalahkan Randy Orton dan menjadi WWE Champion yang baru.

For the second time Bryan become WWE Champion, using the same move with how he defeat Cena now the young man can beat The Viper Randy Orton.
Untuk kedua kalinya Bryan menjadi WWE Champion, menggunakan gerakan yg sama dengan sebelumnya dia kali ini berhasil mengalahkan Randy Orton.

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